If you have picked up on this Blog then chances are you already know about Laser Direct Structuring (LDS), it has been around for a while, and was commercialised by LKPF some 20 years ago.

Wiring in aircraft, cars and many consumer electrical goods is done by hand. It is an expensive and laborious process that is prone to errors that can cause failures and sometimes even fires

Q5D is excited to announce that it is working with Oxford Space Systems to develop tehcnique to manufacture small UHV antenna for CubeSats.

Q5D is pleased to announce that it has entered a partnership with Bondtech, a pioneer in 3D printing and a leading supplier of equipment and parts to the industry.

Q5D Technologies is excited to announce that it has been contracted by AV Optics to develop robotic tools to embed fibre optic sensors as part of the Airbus and Welsh Government Endeavr programme.