Freedom of design – the biggest reason to automate wire harness assembly?

Of the many reasons to automate wire harness assembly might surprise. No two wire harnesses are ever quite the same. That isn’t very surprising given the largely hand-made nature of wire harnesses, but the inevitable small variations add up to some big tolerances. Designers trying to accommodate the ever increasing need for more wiring to support greater functionality or electrification find themselves arguing over sub-millimetre amounts of space with the electrical team. Automation of wire harness assembly, and integration into [...]

Why Tesla’s wiring patent points to something important for the whole industry.

Tesla's patent points at how they are thinking about some of the problems facing automakers generally. Tesla’s patent demonstrates their focus on simplifying the wiring harness, which helps with weight and cost reduction. However, on its own it may not be enough to address tone of the biggest questions facing the automotive industry today, which is "Who will build the wiring harnesses?" Finding the answer to this question was why Q5D was created. Our vision is to automate wire harness [...]

The role of automation in raising UK productivity …

Q5D is delighted to be sponsoring an event in conjunction with AMRC and the Bessemer Society  Numbers are limited to ensure there is time for networking and the tours of Factory 2050. You can book your ticket with the Bessemer Society HERE...

Getting to Net-Zero

One of the questions we are often asked is about how our technology can meet the challenges of the future.  One of the biggest of these of course is Net-Zero.  Looking at some of the case studies we have tackled in the creation of our new approach to wiring has allowed us to estimate our impact on this critical need.  

Press release: Q5D launches CY1000

Robot for automating wiring harness manufacturing boosts productivity by up to 3X Bristol, UK, 25th April 2023 – Q5D, a manufacturer of wire harness automation equipment for additive manufacturing, has launched its first product, the CY1000. The CY1000 features interchangeable heads for a variety of functions including 5-axis additive manufacturing for wiring and polymers. The 5-axis CNC additive manufacturing robotic cell solves the most challenging automation issue: how to automate the addition of electrical connections in increasingly complex products. Traditional [...]

The content dilema

Function v weight & space Wiring harnesses are critical components in many of the products we rely on, from cars and planes to white goods and consumer electronics, enabling electrical functions such as lighting, electric motors, and sensors. Wire harnesses therefore play a key role in electrification, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0 and the benefits  brought by these developments fuel an ever increasing  demand for more and more wiring. Customer expectations and the impact of [...]

How automation will shape the future of the wire harness industry

The wiring harness industry is experiencing rapid increase in demand due to factors such as electrification, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0. All these drive a need for increased functionality, which means a higher demand for power and data connections in modern appliances, products, and vehicles. As a result, the wire harness market is growing rapidly. Transparency Market Research forecasts a wire harness market of $200 billion by 2031. Productivity of wiring harness manufacture is a critical issue. [...]

Mass customisation

Mass customization is that ideal world where the customer can enjoy a personalized product, whilst the manufacturer retains the advantages and low unit costs of mass produced items. Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing has often been adopted as a means of achieving mass customization, with varying degrees of success for both the customer and the manufacturer. One of the consequences of JIT manufacturing is the reliance on the supply chain. Products that need electrics in order to function - and that's most [...]

Why does wiring automation matter?

Wiring harnesses are critical components in many of the products we rely on, from cars and planes to white goods and consumer electronics, enabling electrical functions such as lighting, electric motors, and sensors. As such, wire harnesses play a key role in electrification, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0. In this blog, we will look at why automating the production of wiring harnesses – presently a labour-intensive process – is so critical and how it can act [...]

Advanced Engineering Exhibition 2023

We're delighted to be exhibiting at Advanced Engineering which is being held at the National Exhibition Centre on 1st and 2nd November. Registration is free via this link When you visit us on stand Q162 you will see our CY1000 5-axis platform. Throughout the show we will be doing live demonstrations of automated wiring harnesses. You can also see our 5-axis FDM coating and termination methods.  

Revolutionising Printed Electronics

Cheaper, better, printed electronics on any surface! Q5D Technology is excited to be starting a new project, Prime3D, which aims to revolutionise the way that printed electronics are done: dramatically improving the performance and expanding the range of substrate materials whilst also reducing cost. Current technologies like Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) are used to make plastics parts with very high quality copper tracks for use in: antennas, switches, connectors and sensors. It is predicted there will be a market size [...]

Andy Smith appointed as Non-Executive Director

We are delighted to welcome Andy Smith who joins Q5D as a Non-Executive Director. He brings to the Q5D board over 30 years of sales and business development expertise in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. Andy has worked for multiple Tier One companies and has held various senior roles including After Market Services Sales, Manufacturing Services Business Development and Operations Management.As part of his multiple roles in the EMS industry, Andy has focused on P&L management, developing high growth [...]

CPI investment

PRESS RELEASE Q5D continues revolutionising wire harness production with new investment Bristol, 26th January 2023 - Q5D, a leading innovator in wire harness automation, has secured critical investment from technology innovation catalyst CPI, to continue revolutionising the production of wire harnesses. The investment from Enterprises, CPI’s private investor engagement and ventures arm,  will enable Q5D to advance its innovative additive technology, helping maximise resilience, productivity, and sustainability in the wire harness supply chain. Wire harnesses are critical to many applications, [...]

Q5D Feature article in IMECHE magazine Professional Engineering

2022 Issue 4 of Professional Engineering includes a 4 page spread about Q5D written by Tom Austin-Morgan 19th July 2022 The feature discusses the problems with the current state of the art in wiring harness production and how Q5D will change the way this broad industry operates. The author Tom interviews Stephen Bennington – Q5D CEO who details the challenges and outlines our approach. The title pages plus the 4 page spread captured from the magazine below. Read the web [...]

UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund : CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: Steve Bennington, CEO of Q5D “Keep going – perseverance is important”. Steve Bennington, CEO of @Q5D, speaks to @UKI2S about his journey in science ventures and engineering. CEO Spotlight: Steve Bennington, CEO of Q5D - UKI2S (  

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