We are starting a transformation

Our mission is to engineer automated manufacturing systems that enable electrical function to be integrated.

We’re designing the hardware and software tools to enable Electrical Function Integration.

Making electrical function as integral to products as mechanical function or physical form.  To do this we are inventing and innovating new material application techniques, pushing robotic development and CAM software to support multi-axis additive manufacturing.

Delivering our vision enables automation of entire production processes from end to end.

We’re creating revolution in manufacturing technology, and a critical component of Industry 4.0.

Meet some of the team at Q5D:

Chris: Senior Design Engineer

As one of the founders of Q5D, Chris has been involved in additive manufacturing and product development for over a decade and has a wealth of experience, particularly in the field of material extrusion, materials and machine control/integration. His passion is for research and development, creating novel solutions to complex technical problems and applying those solutions to products, from prototype to mass-production.

Having joined CEL UK many years ago, he has been involved in a wide variety of activities including electro-mechanical design and integration, electronics, branding, packaging, marketing content, software and UX, documentation, technical support, training, procurement, QC, testing, and compliance. His current role at centres around software management and machine integration for the Q5D platform.

Daniel : Firmware / Software Engineer

Daniel has 20+ years of experience in the industrial and electronics sector in roles that include industrial maintenance engineering, industrial automation engineering, machine testing and commissioning, special industrial instrumentation equipment design, firmware development and integration.

Daniel’s natural knack for problem solving and a combination of theoretical and pragmatic approaches to engineering made him a good choice for the role of firmware engineer at Q5D.

Daniel has been deeply involved in the development of our proprietary control system for our equipment.

David : Software Engineer

Since starting at Q5D, David has brought exciting ideas to the company’s software. After graduating in Mathematics at University of Exeter, he has worked as a software engineer for 3 years, on projects from internal management databases to vehicle recovery systems. His maths background gives him a unique logical approach to problem solving, and helps bridge the gap from the mechanical complexity of the machine to its software requirements.

Grant : Product Development Engineer

Grant is an experienced Product and design engineer, with nearly 10 years’ experience as both a Mechanical Design engineer and a Product Design engineer in the Aviation and bespoke robotics industry.

Grant brings his strong engineering intuition and hands on approach to work each day and spends his time running between CAD and programming in the office and pushing our machines to their limits in our R&D workshop. Working on a research project with us? Grant’ likely the one making it real!

Peter – Operations Manager / Project Manager

In his operations role Pete allows the team to focus their respective specialities, guiding and facilitating work across the company. As a project manager Pete links the work of research, engineering and software teams into the projects which create most value for the company. Planning, documenting and reporting to stakeholders.

The challenges of creating written, video, graphical and photographic content provide him the most excitement.

Alex  – Development Engineer

Alex joined the business as an experienced development engineer focusing on system and electrical design. His experience in building manufacturing equipment is helping to integrate the innovative processes of Q5D in a platform that is ready for the production environments of the future.


Alex started his career as an award winning technical apprentice for a global engineering company and quickly progressed to becoming the lead automation engineer in special projects. In recent years he has been designing, manufacturing and maintaining bespoke manufacturing equipment for the composite aerospace industry in Bristol. Alex has a wide breadth of engineering knowledge which allows him to get stuck into the challenging engineering solutions Q5D is developing.

Current Vacancies

We are looking for people who want to be part of changing the way products are made forever.
Our beliefs are:
  • High integrity – we do what we say we will do and our customers are always #1 priority
  • High technology – we are constantly pushing at the boundaries of understanding and performance
  • High impact – we focus on what’s important to deliver our vision and mission
We value:
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Curiosity, invention with pragmatism
  • Respect and teamwork

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