Our products


Our products consist of;

  • A manufacturing cell which provides a 5-axis platform
  • End effectors which deliver specialised manufacturing functions
  • Software to create accurate manufacturing instructions, monitor productivity and, measure quality
  • Services to support

We offer 2 standard product configurations:

  • Wire5D – CY1000 Manufacturing Platform + Wiring End Effector + Polymer End Effector
  • Laser5D – CY1000 Manufacturing Platform + Printed circuit End Effector + Polymer End Effector

All solutions are tailored to customer requirements. Other product configurations are available to meet specific needs from the building blocks below:

CY1000 5 Axis manufacturing platform

Robust steel frame gantry robotic platform for multiple manufacturing techniques

The CY1000 manufacturing platform is a robust steel frame construction with integral gantry robot. The CY1000 is designed to be used singularly or in a process line, and to be easily integrated into automated production systems with full depth access for robotic loading. CY1000 can autonomously change between end effectors and has three storage positions as standard.

External dimensions:

  • Width 2300mm
  • Length 2170mm
  • Height 2320mm
  • Weight 2200kg

Working area dimensions:

  • Volume: 1000mm dia. x 500mm height
  • Product weight: 50kg

Maximum Speeds:

  • X Axis: 1m/s
  • Y Axis: 1m/s
  • Z Axis: 0.5m/s
  • B Axis (Head): 70rev/min
  • C Axis (Bed): 70rev/min

A user interface touch screen and keyboard is provided that provides

  • Local control of CY1000 functions
  • Ability to create small G-code modifications – password protected
  • Overview of manufacturing platform status and performance
  • View productivity and quality data (where available)

Wiring End Effectors

Deposit, terminate and, trim, bare or insulated wires

A range of end effectors to deposit insulated or uninsulated metal wire on complex shapes. Wire can be installed into wire traps or channels to secure in place.

Terminate wire in IDC type connectors.

Trim wire to accuracy of less than 1mm.

Gauges from AWG 30 to 10 (0.25mm to 2.59mm). Deposition rate of 6m per minute.

Polymer End Effectors

Fabricate 3D shapes on complex shape components

Able to deposit polymers and build features on complex shaped substrates. Capable of producing features on multiple substrate material types.

Polymers deposited:

  • PEEK
  • PETG
  • ABS
  • Nylon
  • Other polymers by request

Substrate materials (subject to qualification of material combinations):

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Ceramics
  • Polymers


  • Filament diameter 1.75mm
  • Operating temperature range: 200-500°C
  • Nozzle sizes range: 0.6mm-2.0mm
  • Filament feed verification and fault finding

Conductive Track End Effectors

Ink deposition and laser sintering to form conductors

Deposits conductive inks in a uniform manner. Single pass laser sintering to create conductive track. Simultaneous laser ablation to remove overspray.

Track dimensions:

  • Thickness – 3 to 15 microns in single pass
  • Track width – 2 to 25mm in single pass

Deposition speed 6m/minute

Capable of depositing inks with viscosity in excess of 40cp


For manufacturing and process control, productivity and, quality

Q5D user software is based on a proven industry standard platform. This provides design, tool path simulation and post processing functionality to create machine instructions.

There are three software packages:

  • CAM – to create machine instructions from electronic drawings
  • Productivity – to monitor performance parameters
  • Quality – to measure conformance of finished parts to specification

Key CAM package features:

  • Import CAD drawing and manipulate to enable expert user to undertake tool path design
  • G-code generator to convert tool path design to G-code instructions for FDM, Wire and, Printed circuit end effectors
  • Produce tool path simulation
  • Encoded tool changes as part of tool path design

Key Productivity package features:

  • Monitor machine performance
  • Hours of operation by end effector
  • Power consumption
  • Dates / times incident log

Key Quality package features:

  • Monitor conformance to G-code instructions
  • Capture out of tolerance conditions in data file
  • Capture data for digital twin record (add on functionality)


Support to select, configure, install, commission, operate and maintain

We’ve built a range of services to help customers throughout their journey.

The Customer Experience Centre provides opportunity to learn hands on about the technology. Our experts will guide you as you determine how Electrical Function Integration can transform your manufacturing.

We will help you to configure the equipment you need to achieve your production aims.

Our field service team will install and commission your new equipment and provide maintenance support and upgrades throughout deployment.


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