Electric Vehicle Battery Management System

Enabling robotic assembly of the final product is one of the key advantages of Q5D's approach.  With our machines integrating wiring into the component parts and assemblies, the final product can be assembled by machine as well. Q5D has been working with an manufacturer to create components that become functional when plugged into their vehicles. One area of development is the battery management system of an electric vehicle (EV). All EVs use battery management systems to join together the [...]

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication of all kinds needs an antenna. In this instance the customer was seeking a way of simplifying the supply chain. The existing part requires a 5-step manufacturing process, with an injection moulding, and a stamped metal part glued together. The conductor is then being cut and spring contacts spot welded onto the tracks. Q5D was able to demonstrate how a single bare wire could be laid onto the injection moulded part despite the complex surface. With [...]

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