Automated wire harness manufacture

Eliminate traditional wiring, saving space and weight.
Unique 5-axis robots add power and data functions to products.
Simplify supply chains and manufacturing.
Transform productivity with our hardware, software, and support.

Technical Assessment Centre

The Technical Assessment Centre (TAC) exists to support our customers assess feasibility, design for manufacturing and undertake prototyping.

Car wiring harness formboard for manual production

Better products and simpler supply chains

Automation improves product quality, speeds production, reduces waste and shortens supply chains.

Save space, reduce weight & create new product options

 Electrical Function Integration (EFI)

Car wiring harness formboard for manual production

One machine, multiple tools

Add wires, printed conductors, connectors, and 3D polymer features to complex non-planar surfaces.

Integrated conductors

Add bare or insulated wires. Terminate to IDC and push connectors.

Component placement

Pick and place connectors, PCBs and other components

5 axis 3D feature deposition

5-axis polymer additive and hybrid manufacturing. Create 3D parts from scratch or add to parts formed in polymeric, ceramic or metallic materials.

Hardware as a Service

We want you to be able to focus on making your products.

We’re constantly updating our software and hardware products and developing our services.  We want all our customers to be able to employ the benefits. Our lease packages encompass the software, hardware and services needed to maintain your production, and this Hardware as a Service (HaaS) approach means that customers always enjoy the latest developments.

Two employees discussing programming of a new robot manufacturing cell
Polymer end effector adding material to a 3 dimensional part with a complex curved surface. The end effector is creating tracks for wires to be anchored to the part.

Additional services

Support for your business before, during and after deployment

  • Training for designers, engineers and operators
  • Installation, calibration and commissioning
  • Telephone and online support


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