Automation of wiring manufacture

Wiring looms today are mostly hand assembled. They also require more labour to install them in the final product. By automating production Q5D is able to deliver significant benefits.

Automation means that supply chains can be shorter and simpler. Q5D has demonstrated how it is possible to reduce the number of manufacturing steps compared with existing methods. The footprint of our manufacturing cells and the elimination in labour makes both re-shoring and, co-location with assembly plants a viable possibility.

Automation also means quality, safety and product durability can be improved. Manual handling and assembly introduces unquantifiable errors and makes traceability of production very challenging. These issues can be eliminated through automation and our approach will enable the creation of a digital twin.

Automation case studies

  • Car bumpers are a moulded shell with wiring and other devices embedded. The normal manufacturing process involves clipping a separate wiring harness to the inside of the shell to connect the lighting and sensors. This project was a concept study carried out to assessed the feasibility of producing car bumpers complete with wiring automatically.

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  • Near Field Communication of all kinds needs an antenna. In this instance the customer was seeking a way of [...]