The technology of Electrical Function Integration

5 Axis additive polymer manufacturing, wire and surface mount component placement, printed conductors.

Q5D’s robotic tools can take a complex shaped component such as an injection molded part or composite panel and add 3D polymeric features, wiring, printed conductors, terminations, and components that replace a traditional wiring harness.

Q5D blends three technologies to bring about Electrical Function Integration (EFI)

  • Wire and connector placement
  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Polymer addition
  • Printed conductors

These technologies are delivered by interchangeable end effectors that are carried by a 5 axis robotic manufacturing platform that incorporates a gantry type robot for precision.

Wire and connector placement

Q5D’s wiring tools deposit wire onto existing components, such as injection or vacuum moulded plastics, carbon fibre composite structures or even sheet metal.

Printed conductors

Q5D uses laser-sintered printed electronics to produce highly conductive tracks on complex 3D surfaces.

Polymer deposition

Using Fused Filament Fusion to overprint polymers to create additional features on surfaces such as raceways for the printed electronics or traps to hold wires.

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