Q5D Technology is excited to announce a $2.5m seed investment

Q5D Technology is excited to announce a $2.5m seed investment in order to take its technology and business to the next stage


For immediate release: Q5D Technology Limited – February 2nd 2022

Q5D is very pleased to announce the close of our seed round with three high quality investors.

Chrysalix Venture Capital, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and Delft in the Netherlands, and has an excellent track record in hard tech investments, SOSV a Silicon Valley investor who invested pre-seed funds into Q5D and mentored the company through its hardtech startup program HAX, and finally the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund LP who specialise in seed investment in the UKs most innovative companies.

This funding will help Q5D refine the technologies to automatically manufacture wiring harnesses. The resulting harness can be lighter, easier to maintain and include the CAE benefits of optimised structural design. The harness will be integrated into existing surfaces or built around structures which can be assembled by robots.

Contact info@q5dtechnology.com or 01275 846 459 for interview, comment or additional information.


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