Q5D Collaboration with NSTG Engineering

We are excited to announce a new collaboration which brings with it a broad range of wiring harness expertise spanning three decades and many sectors.

The team at NSTG Engineering has provided their experience to many projects right up to large and high profile defence programs, they offer complete cable harness design services right through managed manufacturing and even digital content for sales and marketing.

Combining the knowledge and reach of NSTG Engineering with the hardware and capability of Q5D Technologies will increase industry exposure to automated production in cable harness manufacturing. This is a new generation of wiring products which can be built directly into the panels and structures of a product or incorporate stiffening structures enabling robotic assembly.

NSTG Engineering can provide design services which incorporate the unique capabilities of the Q5D platform to their global network. Increased adoption of this technology is certain as the benefits of speed, quality, function and lower cost are recognised in multiple industry sectors.

NSTG Engineering is the ideal design partner for Q5D and for your interconnection design projects providing the following support:

  • Cable Harness DesignProducing detailed cable harness drawings to the highest standards ready for manufacture.
  • System ConnectivityHelping you to define the finer details of your system connectivity that meets your customer requirements.
  • Installation Design” Analysis of the hardware installation design to ensure it meets all applicable standards.

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