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Q5D continues revolutionising wire harness production with new investment


Bristol, 26th January 2023 – Q5D, a leading innovator in wire harness automation, has secured critical investment from technology innovation catalyst CPI, to continue revolutionising the production of wire harnesses. The investment from Enterprises, CPI’s private investor engagement and ventures arm,  will enable Q5D to advance its innovative additive technology, helping maximise resilience, productivity, and sustainability in the wire harness supply chain.


Wire harnesses are critical to many applications, from electric vehicles and aircraft and white goods and consumer electronics. Yet, the production of these essential components remains predominantly manual and labour-intensive. This approach to manufacturing is time-consuming and inefficient in meeting the rising demand for wiring, driven by e-mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), and industry 4.0. In addition, supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, more recently, the war in Ukraine are putting the current production methods to the test.


Q5D’s unique approach to automation has the potential to transform the wiring industry. The company leverages additive manufacturing and 5-axis robotics to optimise process quality, eliminate human error, increase production speed and simplify supply chains. Q5D’s technology also minimises wiring waste and weight while enabling a re-localisation of production, which can help reduce transport emissions.


The partnership between Q5D and CPI has granted access to world-class facilities and expertise to enable the next stage of development. CPI is a social enterprise and innovation catalyst for the adoption of advanced tech and manufacturing solutions that benefit people, places and our planet. As a founding member of the UK Government’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult, CPI partners with industry, academia, government, entrepreneurs, and the investment community to deliver healthcare and sustainability innovations.


“The collaborative force of Q5D and CPI has advanced the prospect of addressing the challenges faced by the wire harnessing supply chain through additive manufacturing and a newly sophisticated disruptive ‘loom automation’ concept,” comments Tony Jackson, Formulation Business Unit Director at CPI. “In demonstrating the technology’s higher operating efficiency and cost-saving scalability, this project will prove crucial in addressing the manual challenges faced in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics industries.”


In partnering with CPI, Q5D received technical and developmental support to refine their product development and manufacturing processes. Through testing, analysis and process engineering development, CPI and Q5D have worked collaboratively to fine-tune the manufacturing formulation and technology development.


“Working with CPI is allowing for a smoother and faster development of our new product” said Stephen Bennington, CEO and Co-Founder of Q5D. “Our technology empowers engineers to rethink wire harnesses for a safe, sustainable, and reliable all-electric, connected future.”


Q5D will continue to focus on helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) maximise productivity with a reduced manufacturing footprint while optimizing the manufacturing process quality, leading to better products and more profitability. Additionally, supporting OEMs to become more innovative and sustainable by adding functionality to new products with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.



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Q5D is a technology company developing automation for the production of wiring loom harnesses, using robotic additive manufacturing, for the consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace markets. Using this unique technology allows integration with existing cosmetic or structural parts already in the assembly, removing fasteners and features that are needed to keep the wire in the correct locations, reducing weight, and assembly time, and giving greater design freedom. For more information visit

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